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INSOMNIA - It's tiresome, to say the least.

You have a lot to do tomorrow, and you really need to get good sleep tonight.

I know what it's like to toss and turn... I hear every little noise. I wake up easily and then... I just lie there, waiting for the sandman to come back from exile.

You may have noisy neighbors... or you live too close to the highway. Or your partner snores, saws wood all night long. Or you suffer from tinnitus (as I do).

Or you're just generally wired up and need to relax. Yes? Things are better for me now in the wee hours. What made the difference? What did I do? Well, I made a SoundScape... 

Ocean Sleep - 72 MINUTES

LowNoise RecordsOcean Sleep
Personal Pick! The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Tool  
April 2, 2005
Reviewed By: Donna

Living in the Sonoran Desert is wonderful, but my Pisces nature misses the sound of the rolling sea. This Ocean Sleep soundscape is conducive to rest and relaxation, and satisfies my need to listen to the waves. I sleep deeply and feel refreshed upon awakening. I also adore using this for a rejuvenating afternoon nap! You must have this.

Sail off to a good night's sleep  
January 28, 2005
Reviewed By: Jill

I had been looking for a no nonsense, nothing added recording of sea sounds. I love the sea and its soothing sound helps me go off to dreamland. Most recordings have subliminal garbage or new-age philosophy. This recording is beautiful and authentic. The price is right. I have been very pleased.

A Home by the Sea   
March 10, 2005
Reviewed By: Alan

My Wife and I recently spent a couple of days at the Oregon Coast (as it's only about 80 miles away) but none the less we still have to come home. Sleeping in a beach-front motel, we would leave the windows open listening to the constant drone of the ocean waves...ahhh, relaxing. Anyway, this is a great recording of that sound... no seagulls or anything. Just the constant, slightly changing, gentle yet powerful sound of the ocean that fills the air there. My Wife loves it as it helps her to fall asleep since she has this freight train (yours truly) snoring next to her. Great job, I didn't think it could sound so real over audio equipment.

Ocean Sleep

Ocean Sleep - 72 MINUTES

LowNoise RecordsOcean Sleep
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new! Waterfall Solitude - 80 MINUTES

LowNoise RecordsWaterfall Solitude
We listen to it every night  
April 13, 2005
Reviewed By: Kim

Ocean Sleep has been the best purchase I have ever made to aid me in falling to sleep. My husband and I listen to it every night and I even travel with it! Thanks...
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Ocean Sleep
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