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Podcast or network production, you want your audio to sound great. but that isn't always easy.

You may have to record in an uncontrolled setting, contributing unwanted environmental or mechanical noise to your work. Or in the playback you hear unexpected electronic glitches created by your equipment.

You might have segments that don't match, or edits that are uneven and distracting. or you may simply not have enough time and resources to complete preproduction.

That's your cue to contact us. Upload your rough audio elements for eq and dynamics correction and enhancement, then download the processed pieces and plug them into your production for superior results.

Expert audio and music editing is our specialty, guided by discerning aesthetic sensibility, we can deliver micro-polishing down to the pixel level, sophisticated denoising and dynamic gloss.

We'll create a secure subdomain for you, making uploads and downloads accessible anytime from anywhere with no bandwidth limits.

Close attention to detail, dependable turnarounds and total commitment to your project's goal is our promise. Our customer service policy has always been a simple one: we'll do anything we can within reason to make you happy. just get in touch.

Audio Services

LowNoise Records - CD from Vinyl & Tape - DENOISING - EDITING - MASTERING

5star WOW ---
I am just really amazed that you're able to remove all of those [noises].

The CD you made of the Parton LP sounds better than the few tracks that show up on her greateast hits CD's!
-Matt S.

5star I'm impressed.
This morning I received the Tom Jans Dark Blonde LP-CD Combo. You did an excellent job. The sound quality is so much greater then that of the original album I had purchased in '76... Being a musician throughout my life, I think I can finally judge quality sound, and by all means of the word, you've done it right.
-Lonnie R.

5star Dear Douglas,
I took the records over to my dads yesterday... He was absolutely thrilled. He had tears in his eyes. I showed him all of your nice e-mails and how much care you gave to this project... Thank you again with all of my heart!
-Kathy Z.

5star You did a GREAT job
on the CD.  Better than original tape.
-Al E.


5star Sail off to a good night's sleep January 28, 2005 Reviewed By: Jill

I had been looking for a no nonsense, nothing added recording of sea sounds. I love the sea and its soothing sound helps me go off to dreamland. Most recordings have subliminal garbage or new-age philosophy. This recording is beautiful and authentic. The price is right. I have been very pleased.

PayLoadz Downloads

LowNoise RecordsLowNoise Records is devoted to rescuing and restoring precious recordings and audible memories and keeping them alive for your enjoyment.

We can transfer 33-1/3 and 45rpm vinyl, open-reel tape, DAT and cassettes. Some of our customers have the LP, but either have no turntable and can't play it anymore, or there's no CD commercially available and they want to enjoy their album minus all the scratches and noises.

Our fees reflects the time, effort and care which goes into creating a high quality indexed transfer with surface noise, clicks, crackles and hiss eliminated or reduced to a minimum.

Our sales and service policy is simple: We'll do anything within reason to make you happy.

Please note: All personal CD sales require the original source material. In other words, you must buy or own the vinyl or tape in order to receive a lawfully created copy playable on new technologies, which is intended for your use only.

Thank you.

Grant AssociatesWith over 30 years in radio, video, film, television and theater, Chief Engineer Douglas Grant's audio production credits include music albums, pop, rock, Jazz and Classical live concerts, theatrical sound design, radio theater, children's music education programs, network television news, national advertising and more.

Production gear features SAWStudio, Soundforge, and a multitude of other audio tools and processors.

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